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Although many people are aware of their car's oil filter, they don't realize there are other filters to worry about. This post can help you get more familiar with them.

Learn About the Types of Filters Your Car Uses

In order for a car to work well, it relies on a number of parts to perform their job properly. While you may be aware of some of these parts, others you may not even recognize. Some of the parts car owner's don't even realize exist in their car are the different filters that keep them going. To learn more about the filters in your car, keep reading.

Air Filter

An air filter may not sound like a big deal, but if this part isn't able to do its job well, your car can suffer some consequences. Your car's air filter is in charge of cleaning the air that goes into the engine for combustion. It collects abrasive particles that can be found in the air, including dirt, dust, and other debris. Whether your air filter is made of paper, foam, cotton, or any other material, it needs to be able to trap these particles so that combustion is able to happen properly. Dirty air or polluted air can reduce your vehicle's fuel efficiency and cause other problems for your engine. To keep your air filter clean, be sure to replace it at least once a year. If you drive through very dusty roads or highly polluted areas, you will be better off replacing it more often. Keep in mind that some air filters can be cleaned in order to extend their life. To learn more about how often to change your air filter, click here!

Oil Filter

Your vehicle's oil filter is also located in the engine and is in charge of filtering out or collecting particles found in your motor oil. As your engine works, the tiny metal parts in it are moving at a rapid pace. As they move, they may come into contact with each other, causing metal shavings to make their way into your oil. These metal shavings combined with the dirt and other debris that may enter your engine can cause your oil to get dirty faster. Luckily, as your oil gets contaminated, it has to pass through your oil filter. As its name states, your car's oil filter will filter out and hold onto these particles, helping keep your oil cleaner for longer. This will result in better engine performance, reduced strain, and longer oil change intervals. It is recommended that you get your oil filter changed with every oil change so that your oil is able to stay cleaner for longer. The perfect time to change your vehicle's oil filter is when getting a synthetic oil change in Austin. To learn all about the benefits of getting a synthetic oil change, contact Syntheticstx at (254) 366-7789. Their experts will be happy to recommend products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Fuel Filter

As you may guess from its name, your car's fuel filter is designed to remove impurities found in your fuel as it makes its way to your engine. Dirt and other debris that may be present in your fuel are trapped by this filter in order to ensure your fuel is as clean as possible when it reaches your engine. For diesel engines, the fuel filter works a bit differently. For these types of vehicles, the fuel filter works to remove water that can cause corrosion on the metal components of the engine. No matter what type of engine you're driving, be sure you change your fuel filter at least every two years. Driving around with a dirty or clogged can make it hard for your fuel to flow properly, negatively affecting your fuel efficiency.

Cabin Air Filter

Although they may sound similar, your cabin air filter is a completely different component than the air filter. These filters work to clean the air that makes it into your car's cabin. They catch dust, dirt, and other particles that may contaminate the air going into your car that you will end up breathing. So, even if the air outside isn't great, your cabin air filter will help make it more breathable by the time it enters your cabin. In order for your cabin air filter to do its job properly, it's a good idea to change it at least once a year.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Austin, TX

Now that you understand your car's filters a bit better, it's time to learn a bit more about the benefits of synthetic oil in Austin. To have all of your questions answered, contact Syntheticstx at (254) 366-7789. Don't forget that you can also shop their full range of quality AMSOIL Oil products by visiting their online shop.

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