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To choose your perfect first motorcycle you first have to know a thing or two about them. To make the best choice, get to know the different types of motorcycles.

Learn About Some of the Different Types of Motorcycles

Before buying your first motorcycle you will have to do quite a bit of research. There are so many types of motorcycles and even more models to consider. While this may be overwhelming to someone new to the motorcycle world, there are ways to narrow down your choices. To help you do just this, consider the following information.

What Type of Motorcycle Are You Looking For?

In order to choose a great motorcycle, start by deciding what type of motorcycle best suits your needs. You will have to consider what type of riding you plan to do as well as how much experience you have riding. All motorcycles offer different features, each geared towards a different type of riding. If you plan to do street riding you wouldn't be happy to learn the motorcycle you just invested in is made for off-road riding. Avoid these types of issues by doing your research and consider these tips.

Tips to Get You Started

As a new rider, you may need time to adjust to your new motorcycle and to riding on the road. Take your time getting acquainted with your motorcycle and slowly build up your skills. Don't try to do it all at once or it may end in disaster. Remember that you can always make adjustments to your motorcycle to make it more comfortable and easier to ride. If you're brand new to riding, look into lighter bikes with a reasonable amount of power so that you don't have such a tough time maneuvering it. No matter what type of motorcycle you purchase, it will need synthetic oil changes in Austin in order to stay at its best. For help finding quality products for your motorcycle, contact Syntheticstx at (254) 366-7789. They will be happy to recommend products like AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil for the best engine protection.

Different Types of Motorcycles

Once you know what type of riding you plan to do, look for the type of motorcycle that best suits your plans. There are a number of types to consider which can be broken down further by make and model, so take your time doing your research.

Street Motorcycles

Street motorcycles are some of the most common types of motorcycles you'll see. This is because they are designed to be ridden on paved streets like city streets and highways. These come in a number of models, including standard bikes, touring bikes, sport bikes, and cruisers. What sets them apart is the type of street riding they're designed for. For example, sport bikes pack a lot of power and speed thanks to their light and aerodynamic design. Touring bikes, on the other hand, tend to be heavier and bulkier. They are ideal for road trips because they offer added storage space and other features to make long trips more comfortable, such as a radio and a windshield. Cruises are often known as choppers and tend to be custom designed. They are also a bit bulky and can be a bit awkward for newbies.

Off-Road Motorcycles

Off-road motorcycles are also commonly called dirt bikes. As their names states, these types of motorcycles are made for riding on surfaces like dirt, sand, and grass. These tend to be more rugged because they generally get used a bit more roughly. They include better suspension, thicker tire tread, and a lighter body.

Dual-Purpose Motorcycles

These types of motorcycles are basically a hybrid of off-road bikes and street motorcycles. They include features that make them great for trail riding but are also legal for street use. Certain features that make them street legal include their horn, turn signals, and headlights.


Scooters are a great option for beginners because they are light and pack a modest amount of power. While this does mean they can't reach highways speeds, they make up for that in fuel efficiency. Their comfortable riding position and safe speeds make them the ideal motorcycle for getting used to riding alongside other cars.

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in Austin, TX

As you prepare to take on the open road, be sure your motorcycle is ready as well. Keep its engine well protected with the help of a synthetic oil change in Austin. For personalized assistance and help finding quality motorcycle products, contact Syntheticstx at (254) 366-7789. You can also check out their full range of AMSOIL Oil products in their online shop.

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