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Understanding some of your vehicle's parts and basic functions can come in handy. If you don't know much about your car's oil filter, this post can help you understand it better.

What You Should Know About Your Oil Filter

Even if you're not a car person, getting to know some of the basics of how your car functions can be very useful, especially when you come across car trouble. To help you understand your vehicle's oil filter and the important role it plays in your car's overall well being, keep reading.

What Is an Oil Filter?

Before we start telling you how important your oil filter is, it's important that you first understand what it is. In the most basic of terms, your oil filter does what its name states: it filters your vehicle's oil. This part is in charge of filtering out contaminants that can make it into your motor oil. Depending on the make and model of your car, this part may be accessible either from underneath your car or from the top. For the most accurate information on its location, you will have to consult your owner's manual. So, why does this part exist? Your vehicle's engine is made up of many tiny parts that are in constant motion while your car is on. To keep these parts lubricated and reduce friction that can lead to wear, your car relies on motor oil. This oil circulates through your engine keeping things moving properly. Over time, however, your oil can become dirty thanks to contaminants that make their way into your oil. This is where your oil filter comes in. As your oil moves through your oil filter, this part helps trap these contaminants that can lead to engine issues. This means your oil is able to stay cleaner for longer.

Why Does Clean Motor Oil Matter?

Now you know that your oil filter is in charge of keeping your motor oil clean, but why does this matter? There are a few reasons why this is such a big deal. To start, the longer your oil is able to stay clean, the longer your oil change intervals are. This means you may not need to change your oil as often if your oil filter is able to do its job properly. Another reason your oil filter is so important is because it helps reduce premature wear on your engine. As your oil gets dirty and saturated with contaminants, it can lead to deposits and buildup developing on your engine. This can cause wear and added strain, factors that can lead to a shorter engine life. As you prepare to give your vehicle a synthetic oil change in Austin, don't forget to have a clean oil filter at the ready. Contact Syntheticstx at (254) 366-7789 for help finding the right products for your vehicle. Check out their full range of products in their online shop.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil Filter?

If you're interested in keeping your motor oil clean for a good amount of time, changing your oil filter is a must. But, how often should you change your oil filter? The most common recommendation is to change it with every oil change. Think about it this way: if you're replacing old oil with fresh, clean oil, why would you want it to be filtered by an old and contaminated oil filter? If your oil filter is full it won't be able to keep your new oil clean for too long, and it may even contribute to your oil getting dirty faster. Keep in mind that changing your oil filter is relatively inexpensive, so it's best just to do it. It's also quite easy to change, so you can do it yourself.

Choose the Right Oil Filter

If you're fond of changing your vehicle's oil yourself, you can also change your oil filter at home. Before you purchase the first oil filter you come across, be sure you're making the right purchase. To start, you have to make sure you're buying the right size oil filter in order to avoid issues like oil leaks. Next, shop around for a quality filter that has a great dirt-holding capacity. This means it will be able to hold a good amount of debris before it will have to be replaced. Next, look at the filtration efficiency or particle size retention. Ideally, your filter should be able to trap particles of many sizes. Keep in mind that it also doesn't hurt to consult your owner's manual when deciding what oil filter to purchase.

Synthetic Oil Change in Austin, TX

Next time you're getting a synthetic oil change in Austin, be sure you also get your oil filter changed. For help finding the perfect products for your vehicle, contact Syntheticstx at (254) 366-7789. Their experts can recommend products like their AMSOIL Ea Heavy Duty Oil Filters.

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